Call for nomination for OpenNTF Board Members

Paul S Withers | 2 weeks ago | Comments
It's the time of year when elections are opening for the OpenNTF board. We have five Member Directors up for election this year:

- Graham Acres
- Dan Dumont
- Oliver Busse
- Paul Withers

The terms of the three Contributor Directors are also expiring. Anyone with an ICLA or CCLA can apply for the post, which has a one-year term. The current incumbents are:

- Roberto Boccadoro
- Fredrik Norling
- Howard Greenberg

Anyone interested in standing submit their names and a candidate statement to ip-manager at

The election schedule will be:
- Nominations open until 5pm EDT 24th September
- Voting from 25th September to 5pm EDT 1st October
- Winners take office on 1st October

OpenNTF September Webinar - Domino Online Meeting Integration (DOMI)

Jesse Gallagher | 2 weeks ago | Comments
Many of our users rely on other meeting tools like Zoom, Teams, Webex, and GoToMeeting. Now Notes users can use their Notes client to integrate these meeting tools. Create, update, and delete meetings from right within Notes! This webinar will focus on what DOMI is, how to install it, how it works, how to extend it, and troubleshooting. The webinar will also dive deeper into parts that might be useful for your own day-to-day development

Paul Withers, HCL
Devin Olson, HCL
Rocky Oliver, HCL

Come join us on Thursday, September 23, 2021 at 11:00 AM (New York time). To register for this webinar, go to:

OpenNTF August Webinar - Git and GitHub Explained

Jesse Gallagher | 1 month ago | Comments
August OpenNTF Webinar - Git and GitHub Explained

When OpenNTF began in 2001, source control was little known and sharing of code via the cloud was limited. Fast forward 20 years and GitHub is the dominant sharing site and git the standard technology for source control.

In this webinar Paul Withers and Jesse Gallagher will:

- Demystify git
- Explain Branching
- Show what makes a high quality repository
- How to take advantage of GitHub’s broad functionality
- Get that coveted "Verified" badge
- Go from source control zero to GitHub hero!

Come join us on Thursday, August 19, 2021 at 11:00 AM (New York time). To register for this webinar, go to