Flow provides a common set of classes that will allow you to easily create a log of events and/or errors for any LotusScript-based Notes application. Logs are written out in a streaming style where events and errors are written to the same document similar to the Miscellaneous Events view of the Domino server's log.nsf.

Flow contains a full-featured logging engine that allows you to log events/errors to rich-text documents and e-mail messages allowing you to generate easily readable logs with different color text based on the event's logging level. You may also send logging events/errors to plain-text files, the server console or client status bar, and/or message dialog boxes.

Configuration and setup can be accomplished in is as little as two lines of code and the entire logging suite is fully documented in the Flow API Guide documentation. Example agents, log form, log configuration and log view elements are provided.

Flow is used as the official logging engine for all commercial and custom-built application created by Conxsys.

Flow is distributed under the Apache License v2 and the API Guide is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution v3.0 United States license.